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Best device for Smart Tracking Meet the requierements of the most challenging companies

Live Tracker is an asset tracker designed for indoor/outdoor tracking worldwide. It is especially suited for corporations that need to track valuable assets along their supply chain at international level using private or public transport.

The product benefits from the expertise of Orange Labs with dedicated firmware, custom designed top class antennas and more than 10 patents. It provides a long lasting protection track and monitor, with its battery that lasts up to 3 years.

Solution includes device, connectivity, mobile apps, API & cloud services and is fully integrated with Live Objects / Smart Tracking offers.

Top notch antennas for worlwide coverage Indoor/outdoor accurate position
Extra long battery life Easy setup and configuration
Hardware driven by advanced software designed with UX in mind Great prices

Why asset tracking?
500 million containers are transported annually around the world.
Cargo theft costs $30 billion in the US
Construction sites
Construction equipment stolen each year :
  • $1 billion in USA
  • €1 billion in France
  • £800 million in GB
Every year $12 to $15 billion dollars of goods are lost or stolen.
Every year over $100 billion dollars of goods are mishandled or damaged.

Live Tracker Pro Live Tracker Mini Mobile Apps & API

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